An Amazing Urban Missionary Team
Our team is a diverse group of people, committed to helping the poor and needy. We represent different cultural backgrounds, ages and talents, which enhances the effectiveness of the The Relief Bus, reaching out to the hurting who also come from various backgrounds. Most of us are urban missionaries who raise part of our own support.

Sean Ballentine, Senior Outreach Team Leader

Yazdi Bellihomji, Internship Director & Director of NNJ Outreach

Cathe Della-Badia, Financial Administrator

Dixie Galloway, Executive Vice President

Juan Galloway, President

Richard Galloway, Founder

Teresa Gowan, Director of Resources & Follow-up Care

Claudia Guardado-Wittel, Director of Development

Josiah Haken, VP of Outreach Operations

Brett Hartford, Senior Outreach Team Leader

Bill Hoffman, Vice President/ General Manager

Ruth Mathieu, Grant Writer

Dan Petersen, Director of Volunteer Relations

Caleb Riffey, Outreach Leader

Johanna Soukka, Director of NYC Outreach

Jess Wright, Volunteer Coordinator